A Little Perspective on the Cost of the Corona SDK

Posted on 6th December, by Dave Haynes in Blog. Comments Off on A Little Perspective on the Cost of the Corona SDK

I just finished reading The Noticer by Andy Andrews. It’s all about changing your perspective. Things aren’t as bad as you think — stuff like that. It’s a great book, and the character Jones (a wise old man) dispenses excellent advice to the various townsfolk that helps them through some difficult situations. The day I finished it, my friend Sergei “Jonesed” me — on a small level, but I still think it’s worth mentioning.

I switched from Sencha Touch to Corona SDK for the latest app/game I’m working on. The Corona SDK is $349/year to build for the iOS app store and Android Market. The art has cost ~$200 so far.  I was complaining to Sergei about how I hate having to pay over $500 when I don’t even know if my little app will make any money.

He said, “$500 — not bad. For hands-on training with a cross-platform mobile development framework.”

I started thinking about that, and I like Sergei’s perspective. Saying that I’m getting “training” implies that someone is teaching me, though, but I guess one could argue that the entire Corona SDK community is teaching me (through API docs and forum posts), and I’m teaching myself the rest.

Yeah, it’s a little expensive (for an individual developer in his spare time) to develop this mobile app, not knowing whether it will be a success or not, but, for the cost of one semester at a local community college, I’m getting a lot of experience with stuff that I’ve never had the opportunity to play with as a .NET developer, and at the end of the day, it will help me build better apps.

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