Atari 2600 Box Art Poster

Posted on 24th February, by Dave Haynes in Blog. Comments Off on Atari 2600 Box Art Poster

I had this idea for a poster of Atari 2600 box art because I think the art style was really cool on some of those games, but I couldn’t find one that was what I wanted. Nothing aggravates me more than searching the Internet and *not* finding something. It’s almost unbelievable these days, so, ignoring the overall nerdiness of this project, I figured I better fill that void.
136 games later…

You can download the 36″x24″ poster from here:

Download the poster

Special thanks to the following sites, where some of the box art came from. I cleaned up some of the boxes in Photoshop as best I could to remove the more noticeable blemishes. I apologize in advance if your favorite game isn’t on the poster. I tried to include all the hits from several top atari 2600 game lists, if I could find box cover art for it…


Top Games Lists:

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