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Back in 2011, I wrote a book called How to Find and Land a Microsoft.NET Development Job. Then I created a cross-platform (iOS/Android) companion app to the book called .NET Interview Preparation Flash Cards.

Let’s take a look at the cross-platform mobile app technology that I used in 2011:

  • PhoneGap 1.0
  • Sencha Touch 1.0

In case you missed it, those are both version 1.0.

Over the years, I’ve made a few updates to the flash cards themselves, and while a lot of them are timeless (ie. OOP concepts), many are now now out of date (ie. .NET 4.0), and I’ve been too busy with other things (*cough* Puzzlewood Quests *cough*) to update them.

Last year, someone let me know that the app had stopped working on Android. It turned out to be a problem with PhoneGap. Updating from the version I had to the version I needed looked like a big chore involving Eclipse and some other stuff I’d put out of my head already. I was pretty well acquainted with Corona SDK from working on Puzzlewood Quests, so rather than switch to a newer version of PhoneGap, I switched to using Corona as the “wrapper” around my Sencha Touch app because it was simpler, and all was well again.

Then today, someone let me know that the app had stopped working again on Android. This time, it’s Sencha Touch’s fault.

In Sencha Touch 1.0, there are references to WebKit-specific functions and objects, like webkitConvertPointFromNodeToPage and WebKitPoint. Chromium 39 removed support for those.

In the latest version of Sencha Touch these problems don’t exist, but there is no easy upgrade path from version 1.0. There are workarounds for some of the webkit problems, but using the workarounds break other things, like scrolling. It’s possible that this problem is fixable (given enough time), but the best solution is a complete rewrite.

So… it’s 2015, nearly 4 years since .NET Interview Prep’s initial release. I have a wife, two kids, a full-time day job, and a full-time night job (Puzzlewood Quests)… I just don’t have the time, resources, or desire to work on .NET Interview Prep anymore. It certainly isn’t paying any bills.

So I’m throwing in the towel, but in the nicest way I can.

  • I’ve removed .NET Interview Preparation Flash Cards from the app stores.
  • My book will continue to be for sale, but I must warn you once again that the copyright is 2011, and it is now 2015. Be wary of that, job hunters.
  • From time-to-time, I’ll be posting here on the blog or on twitter (@downcastsystems) with my opinions about the state of the industry.
  • If anyone wants career advice from me, just send me an email with your specific situation. I’m happy to offer suggestions and guidance to those who want it, as time permits.
  • And finally, I have released the questions & answers data in JSON format under an MIT license, so others can build their own flash card apps with my content. You can get that here if you like: https://github.com/elmogallen/netinterviewquestions

Dave Haynes

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