Puzzlewood Quests Release Notes

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  • Improved Battle Over screen with more detailed stats on player progress.
  • Rotated out some games from Puzzle Pack #1. Folks who already own Puzzle Pack #1 still have access to all the games.
  • The price of the Orb of Nope (available in the first shop in the first world for each character) has been drastically reduced.
  • Bug fix – Android – can now adjust audio volume during a battle.
  • Added new Settings screen (available from title screen)
    • Setting – Turn Music On/Off
    • Setting – Turn Sound Effects On/Off
  • Increased the amount of XP you get from enemies to reduce the amount of grinding necessary to progress through the game.
  • Running away now has a 10% XP (toward the next level) penalty.
  • The “Luck” skill plays a bigger part in how often the enemy does a Surprise Attack.
  • Added new item: the Wheel of Cheese of Time, which adds a full 60 seconds to the game timer.
  • A crazy old man has moved into Puzzlewood in Askeladen’s story. Seek him out and learn his wisdom!
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixes



  • Puzzle Pack #1 is now available. You can purchase this by hitting the Get More Puzzles & Items button on the Area Select screen.
    • Easy Math (4 x 3)
    • Word Math (One Plus Two)
    • Matching
    • Number Touch
  • Increased Inventory slots from 20 to 36
  • Added Orb of Nope! which allows you to turn off up to 3 game types you don’t like. It’s available in the first shop in the first world for every character.
  • Added Elixir of Ad Removal, which removes all ads in the game. You can purchase this by hitting the Get More Puzzles & Items button on the Area Select screen.
  • Updated the difficulty curve to make the game more forgiving based on player feedback
    • Made Operations game easier. The “easy” version is much simpler with only two operands like:
      4  (  )  3  =  12
      and the “hard” version with 3 operands was made easier too.
    • Word Scramble is now more forgiving by matching to more words than just the “one” (ie., with letters like OTSP, the words STOP, POST, and SPOT would all be valid answers.
    • Made the Maze easier by stopping time while the player travels from point to point, as long as the chain is at least 5 points long. Previously, time was only stopped when you made it to the exit. The “hard” version of the maze now fades to black over a couple of seconds, to give you time to take a peek at the maze first. The “medium” difficulty version has a larger light radius too.
    • Various other tweaks to different game types to make the difficulty curve a little less spiky.
  • Made things more visually obvious:
    • When time is running out, the screen pulses red.
    • An unlocked boss battle has a different icon on the area select screen.
    • Locked scrolls and shops have a different icon now on the area select screen.
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