The Hangman’s Noose – Just Released!

Posted on 7th July, by Dave Haynes in Blog. Comments Off on The Hangman’s Noose – Just Released!

An epic fantasy hangman battle awaits in The Hangman’s Noose, available now for iOS. (Android at a later date. For now it’s an iOS exclusive.)

I’m quite happy with The Hangman’s Noose. It looks similar to Puzzlewood Quests, but it’s actually very different:

  • Just one game type — Hangman — so the gameplay was tweaked for that specifically
  • No timer, so it’s far more casual
  • No skills to upgrade
  • No items to buy
  • Random heroes with random crimes
  • Roguelike permadeath — when you die, you gotta start all over

If you want a more in-depth experience and multiple game types, then I recommend Puzzlewood Quests. If you want a simple, nearly endless hangman game, that’s The Hangman’s Noose 100%. 🙂

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Hangman’s Noose – Now on Android

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