Puzzlewood Quests: Age of the Brain Trainer


Welcome to the world of Puzzlewood, where your brain does the fighting!

Puzzlewood Quests is a casual role-playing, brain training game where you fight enemies by solving as many puzzles as you can before the enemy attacks you!

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• 630+ enemies to pit your brainpower against
• 9 worlds
• 16 game types
• 70 job titles to earn based on your mental progress
• 30+ magical items
• 4 skills to upgrade (Intellect, Strength, Defense, Luck)
• Multiple characters available (with unique storylines)
• “Kid Mode” for ages 4-7 with simpler puzzles

Each character has a unique story filled with humor, and you can level up and customize your hero/villain by increasing skills and purchasing magical items from shops you’ll find along your quest. Vanquish over 600 enemies by using your noggin to solve problems in quick mini-games like Word Search, Word Scramble, Sudoku, Math Star, Maze, Counting Coins, and more! The puzzles get increasingly more difficult as the game progresses. Only the strongest, smartest hero can make it all the way to the end! Will it be you?

Everyone has heard that doing simple math equations or word scrambles can vastly improve your brain’s ability to solve problems, focus, and remember things, but other brain training games can be sooo boring. Puzzlewood aims to change that!

Game Types
• Mini Sudoku
• Word Scramble
• Word Search
• Math Star
• Math Operations
• Find the Enemy/Knight
• Finish the Jigsaw Puzzle
• Divisible Numbers
• Match the Shadow
• Maze
• Counting Dice
• Counting Coins
+ and more coming soon!

As you progress, the game will tell you which job you would be best suited for in Puzzlewood, based on your mental aptitude so far. Start out as a Scullion and work your way to Emperor!

Kid Mode
There is a “kid mode” designed for 4-7 year olds with limited math and reading required. Just choose one of the child characters from the character select screen (Adriel or Jack), and the game will adjust to remove the more difficult puzzles and make things a bit easier overall. Adriel and Jack have stories that are vastly simplified, so that younger children might be able to read them, but it’s not required to play the game.

• Drink a health potion during a battle to gain more life.
• Eat a piece of cheese (a morsel from the Wheel of Cheese of Time) during a battle to increase time remaining before the next attack.
• Early in the game, Strength is an important skill to upgrade, as it helps you defeat enemies more quickly.
• Later in the game, Intellect and Defense are important, as they will keep you from dying so quickly.
• Luck is always good, as it gives you more XP and gold, which helps you progress more quickly.

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